What We Do


Design Chords strives hard to create Architectural blends to flow with nature .The structure is articulated into a timeless beauty, at the same time standing out as ‘Bold Minimalistic Architecture’.

Interior Design

Design Chords offers Creative options for designing quality work for both Residential, and Commercial properties, thus leaving a mark of Creativity and Recognition. We design Contemporary furniture creatively assuring that the product retains its utility and durability.

Landscape Design

Design Chords always looks into innovative ideas and techniques to ensure quality work. We also take care of long term maintenance of indoor properties and outdoor spaces.

Product Design

Experimenting with varied materials of different textures, tones, colors in wood, stones, glass…Design Chords exhibits adaptability to all kinds of designs and patterns, transforming the total look of the space into a work of art.

Project management

The team at Design Chords applies its valued professional talent and experience in executing various Architectural and Interior Design Projects. It provides quality Project Management services /consultancy in all areas of construction.